The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) will host the 2024 National Professional Sports and Entertainment Safety and Security Forum on Feb. 20-21 at the University of Notre Dame.

The event’s programming will address the key safety and security challenges facing the professional sports and entertainment industry and give attendees the opportunity to share best practices for continuous improvement.

The threat environment surrounding high-profile sport and entertainment events is continually evolving. Discussing current issues and exploring solutions in a forum environment will help safety and security managers, operations managers, and local and state law enforcement enhance safety and security plans and operations.

“The National Professional Sports and Entertainment Safety and Security Forum provides ongoing education, networking and access to industry-leading technologies,” said Billy Langenstein, senior director of security services for the National Football League (NFL). “Attending the forum presents opportunities for timely and relevant topics to what industry professionals are concerned about, and the technology vendors match those needs. Top-notch speakers, high-quality education, training collaboration, and ample networking time with peers make this forum a must-attend event.”

Forum participants will hear from experienced professionals and experts on sports betting, drone operations, illicit drug usage at events, lessons learned from recent events, the human factor in security, and the impact of social media influencers. In addition to general programming sessions, attendees will participate in moderated discussions to review the NCS4 Best Practices for professional sports and entertainment venues.

 Moderated discussion topics include:
  • Access and Functional Needs
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Planning
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Fan Behavior
  • Emergency Communications
  • Perimeter Security

 “We are excited to bring this group together again in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Emerging threats, business challenges, and industry standards will be discussed to ensure continuous improvement,” said Dr. Stacey A. Hall, NCS⁴ Executive Director and Professor of Sport Management.

“World events dictate the need to constantly research and improve physical and technology-based security strategies. The NCS4 keeps industry professionals proactively ahead of the game through collaboration, information sharing, product reviews, and informative gatherings, such as Forums,” said Darren F. Johnson, director of stadium safety & security for the Detroit Lions/Ford Field. “Attendees stand to gain vital information, introductions to cutting-edge safety and security technology, beneficial relationships, industry threat trends, and a wealth of knowledge from their peers. Do yourself a favor and get onboard; the NCS4 train is steamrolling the safety and security industry.”

The target audience for the event includes safety and security managers, operation managers, event managers and facility operators, local and state law enforcement, emergency managers, fire, HAZMAT, emergency medical services, guest services, and government officials. Private sector companies may only attend the forum as Solution Partners.

For more event details, go here.