Marni currently teaches master classes and private classes in a studio in NYC. She also appears in concerts all over the USA and in Europe.
For inquires please contact her agent. Info can be found on the contact page.

Marni is thrilled to have won the the George Peabody Award 2012 for "Outstanding Contributions to American Music". She is enjoying the knowledge that all of her activities and Professional accomplishments, Classical to Popular and Theater, Tours, Presentations, Recitals, Concerts, Recordings are now being collected, listed and housed at The Peabody Institute, in Baltimore,Maryland.


March 15 - April 30, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the Marni Nixon International Vocal Competition Viva Voce Inc., a 501 (c) n3 non-profit Organization, the purpose of which is to sponsor the professional development and advancement of all talented classical and musical theater vocalists pursuing a career in the performing arts. It is a great passion of mine to give back to the community in which I have seen many successful years of my own career, and lead a new generation of singers passionately into the future.

Together with my friend and colleague, Stephen Crawford, the Marni Nixon International Vocal Competition hosted its first annual gala in Phoenix, Arizona in February, and is now offering its first online classical art song competition from March 15 April 30, 2016. Next, we plan to host a live audition competition in Fall 2016 opera only in Phoenix. And finally, we plan to expand our competition to include musical theater and contemporary commercial music in 2017. Please click here to find more information.

Welcome to our new managing director, Noelle Karnolt. Noelle will be developing and overseeing all fundraising activities related to the competition, as well as managing the day-to-day operations. We are currently seeking two administrative volunteers; if you are interested and able, please contact Noelle at for further information.

Lastly, this endeavor can only be successful insofar as we are able to establish a generous, consistent flow of donated funds. If you are able, please consider adding the Marni Nixon International Competition to your list of annual charitable giving. You may arrange a donation through Noelle, or through our website.


Fall 2016

Marni is consulting with Emily Herring on a new one woman show about Marni and starring Emily Herring and guests artists. Dates and venues to be announced.