How to make my old blog posts appear on search engines again?

How to make my old blog posts appear on search engines again? Aug, 1 2023

Understanding How Search Engines Index Content

Over the years, I've learned a thing or two about blogging, SEO, and the almighty internet gods known as search engines. You know, it's actually Adeline who kicked off my interest in this area, by always Googling stuff and asking me, "Why doesn't your blog pop up when I search this topic?" Believe me, when your beloved better half brings up something like this, suddenly it all becomes serious!

Basically, search engines use web crawlers (a bot) that systematically browse the World Wide Web and index the content that they find. The more they are "attracted" to a piece of content, the higher they will rank it on search engine results pages (SERPs). Thus, to make our old blog posts shine in the spotlight again, we must first intimately understand how these bots work, what they love, and how we can lure them in.

So, the first secret of SEO magic is making sure that your content is updated and relevant. Remember that search engines crave fresh, high-quality content. Old blog posts might be tagged as 'stagnant' if they are not periodically updated or linked to. However, that does not mean that they cannot be resurrected.

Identifying Which Old Posts Are Worth Resurrecting

Before we get started, it's important to remember that not all blog posts are created equal. Some might be about evergreen topics that will always draw interest, while others could be about transient or outdated topics that may no longer be relevant. The significant first step in getting your old blog posts to appear on search engines again is to identify which posts are worth the effort.

A few years back, I made a blog post about the "Top 10 Uses of Vinegar in Cleaning." I was initially skeptical that people would find it interesting. Amazingly, "cleaning with vinegar" still remains an evergreen topic! Every time Adeline gives our home a 'vinegar shine', I remember that and chuckle - and make a mental note to revisit that post's SEO!

Revamping and Updating Content

Now, let's talk about updating that content. Once you know which posts are worth the effort, it’s time to give them a little makeover. This can be as simple as checking the facts and updating any information that's no longer accurate. However, to really make your old posts appealing for the SERPs again, you may need to inject more life into them.

Invigorate your post with more detailed information, new insights, or even newly emerged viewpoints on the topic. A great way to do this is by embedding a relevant video or podcast, adding an infographic, or linking to recent studies or articles. And if you really want to make that content irresistible, consider updating the structure or format of the post.

I remember updating an old blog about "Traditional Belgian Waffles." I initially wrote it as a plain step-by-step guide. However, after I infused a personal story about Adeline, my Belgian waffle connoisseur wife, messing up her first batch, the post came back to life! The personal touch and humorous narrative of the post made it much more engaging. Not to mention, Google also appreciated the updated content!

Optimizing Your Blog Posts for SEO

Now that your old blog post is updated and revitalized, the next step is to ensure that search spiders will find it yummy through SEO optimization. Pay attention to your title tags, meta description, URL structure, and make sure to sprinkle your targeted keywords throughout the content. But remember, avoid keyword stuffing as search engines don't like that!

A few years ago, I overlooked the power of SEO – until one day, I noticed a significant drop in my blog's visibility. That gave me the SEO wake-up call I needed. I dedicated the next weeks to optimizing all my posts, and the following months showed steady improvement in my blog’s ranking on search engine results.

Re-promoting Your Updated Content

Last but surely not least, after all your hard work updating and optimizing your content, it’s now time for the world to see it! Republish your improved content with a current date and share it on your social media channels, email newsletter, and other promotional platforms.

With constant technological advancements and Google’s algorithm changes, there’s always something new to learn about SEO. So, let’s not allow our old blog posts to gather dust in the internet basement! Just as we give a second life to our old furniture, let's do the same with our blog posts. Let them rise from the ashes and shine brightly on the search engine stage once again!

Remember, it's never too late to teach an old blog post new tricks

. Don't forget what Adeline always says, "A blog post is like a plant; with regular care and attention, it can continuously grow and flourish. So keep watering it with your creativity and watch it reach new heights."