Chimera Integrations, a security integrator headquartered in Syracuse, N.Y., recently undertook an installation project with the BCI Lakeside Division of Buckeye Corrugated, a prominent corrugated manufacturer, to shift from on-prem surveillance to a cloud-managed AI-enabled system.

Buckeye Corrugated is a privately held, employee-owned company with 11 corrugated manufacturing facilities and four sheet feeders, providing an extensive range of corrugated packaging products. Recently, the company acquired Lakeside Container out of Plattsburgh, N.Y. Their new Lakeside division did not have any surveillance system or electronic access control in place, and they needed a solution that would be able to grow with them.

However, with growth came unique security challenges. Initially, BCI sought security solutions in line with traditional systems, primarily focusing on post-incident forensics and the ability to access surveillance footage when necessary. But ultimately, BCI took the leap into cloud managed, AI enabled technology with Alta Aware surveillance cameras and Openpath access control.

With Alta Aware surveillance cameras, BCI Lakeside Division gained the capability to attach access control notifications directly to video footage. This means that whenever a user attempts to gain access, their credentials are instantly verified, and the system records video footage to ensure that the access request aligns with the user’s permissions. This integration not only bolsters security, but also simplifies the process of verifying and monitoring access, reducing the risk of unauthorized entries. Deploying mobile credentials gives quick and instant access to new user or service providers without the need to issue traditional proximity cards or pin-based credentials.

The transition from traditional security systems to AI-enabled ones at BCI Lakeside Division was a pivotal step in elevating their security protocols. Remarkably, the facility had not previously utilized any surveillance cameras, making this transformation all the more significant for this division. The installation process involved setting up a network of 13 Alta Aware surveillance cameras across strategic points within the facility, covering critical areas such as production lines, storage spaces, dumpsters, parking lots and entry points. Additionally, seven access control points were established, allowing for precise management of personnel entry and exit as well as being able to compartmentalize departments throughout the facility as needed.

This comprehensive installation not only introduced advanced security features, but also laid the foundation for a proactive and responsive security infrastructure, aligning BCI Lakeside Division with the latest industry standards. The deployment of Alta Aware surveillance cameras and Openpath access control systems at BCI Lakeside Division has yielded remarkable benefits across the board. This innovative security solution has fundamentally transformed the facility’s operations, enhancing security and operational efficiency simultaneously.

First and foremost, the integration of these advanced technologies has significantly boosted security. With real-time anomaly detection and intrusion alerts, alarms from their intrusion detection system can be verified, and often the alarms raised by Alta’s analytics come in sooner than a traditional IDS. This not only protects valuable assets but also ensures the safety of employees within the facility. Moreover, the screaming analytics and glass-breaking detection have played a pivotal role in enhancing employee safety. The rapid response to distress signals and emergencies has led to quicker assistance and a safer working environment.

From a cost-efficiency perspective, the cloud-managed system with edge based storage and processing enables BCI to expand the system as needed. Alta Aware’s cameras only need an internet connection and a POE connection. With this, the system can scale to as many cameras that may be needed or as many facilities across the globe.

Overall, the installation of Alta Aware surveillance cameras and Openpath access control has not only fortified security but also streamlined operations, creating a safer, more efficient and cost-effective environment for BCI Lakeside Division.

Out of the box Alta Aware’s cameras have a lot of power in terms of analytics and their instant use cases. These analytics can be taught over time. Chimera Integrations spends time after the system has been deployed to train the cameras on which anomalies are worth noting, which alarms are getting triggered accurately and one on one training with the end user to ensure they know how to harness the power of AI in their facility. Employee safety took a leap forward as well. The incorporation of scream analytics and rapid incident detection means distress signals are instantly recognized and reported.

Alta Aware’s cameras allow for remote power cycling and other troubleshooting data that allows Chimera Integrations to often repair cameras, remotely saving Chimera’s team time, and BCI money.

The cloud-based system has empowered BCI Lakeside Division with advanced monitoring capabilities. Access to live video feeds and historical data from any location allows the security team to make informed decisions and respond effectively to situations in real time.

Alta Aware allows for convenient remote management, both for BCI Lakeside Division and Chimera Integrations, facilitating timely responses and maintenance. Alta Aware seamlessly integrates with access control, streamlining security operations for comprehensive protection. Not to mention the systems’ open API leaves room for future integrations to better improve facility safety and security.

BCI Lakeside Division has achieved unprecedented situational awareness through the adoption of Alta Aware’s cutting-edge technology. The incorporation of heat maps, powered by AI, allows BCI to comprehensively understand traffic patterns within the factory. This insight enables informed decision-making, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Moreover, the system’s swift incident response mechanisms have significantly improved situational awareness. Real-time alerts and analytics ensure rapid responses to potential threats, enhancing overall security.

The result? A more secure and future-proof facility with reduced incidents and enhanced security that is proactive, not just reactive. Alta Aware’s technology has empowered BCI Lakeside Division to proactively monitor, analyze, and respond to events, fostering a safer and more productive environment.

“BCI Corrugated, Inc is an employee-owned corrugated manufacturing enterprise that has twelve divisions across the United States,” said Brent Ames, plant manager, BCI lakeside division. “Our number one priority is our associate’s safety period. Alta Aware’s system provides our team the data to adjust our associates and material flow to remove obstacles that could affect safety in our facility. Openpath’s system assures our associates that only authorized individuals can enter our facility.”

The transformation at BCI Lakeside Division showcases the remarkable benefits of integrating AI-enabled surveillance and access control systems. The adoption of Alta Aware’s technology, coupled with Openpath access control, has yielded profound results in the manufacturing sector, says Justin Stearns, vice president, Chimera Integrations.